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    Sportsmanship Award of the Week


    Hi Jay - I would like to nominate Coach Jaber from Cliffside Park 7th grade Cavalry for the sportsmanship award. When we played them last week Coach Jaber continuously preached to his boys to help anyone up when they were down on the ground. He continuously yelled help everyone up your team and your opponent as well. I was so impressed, that I met with each of our three teams and explained to them how in our past leagues we never saw that type of sportsmanship. I made the students aware that from now on we will do the same. Our kids followed up with that, and when we faced Hillsdale (8th grade - State Troopers) the coach reported that we had good sportsmanship, which made me just as happy as winning the game. best regards, Garry Schragenheim When contacted for a comment Jaber offered the following: Sportsmanship is not only part of sports, it’s part of everyday life. Growing up playing basketball, and now coaching for 8 years I have always taken it very seriously. In youth sports sportsmanship is key. Teaching youth this at a young age builds character which is carried with them for the rest of their basketball careers. I teach my players to never make anyone feel bad and to always bring their teammates up along with opponents. Showing sportsmanship to everyone builds character as a player and shows other teams that even if we are competing, at the end of the game everyone played hard and did their best. I have taught my team to help other players on the other team up if they fall, high five them, and compliment them after the game. As a coach this is something I believe is a key component of the game and I am honored to be given the award this week. Good luck to all coaches this season!

    Bergen Travel Basketball League (BTBL)


    Welcome to the website of the Bergen Travel Basketball League (BTBL). BTBL provides an organized league format for Northern Jersey boys and girls TOWN travel teams to represent their towns by playing in a competitive environment against neighboring towns. 2017 was BTBL’s 15th year. 2017 was highly successful based on feedback from coaches, players, parents as well as additional towns who have joined in 2017. In 2017, 387 Travel Teams competed in BTBL. Boys Grades 4th – 8th had 5, 6 or 7 competitive flights and the Girls 4th – 8th had multiple flights as well. Over 2800 games were played. BTBL thanks each town, its coordinators and its coaches for their commitment to competitive youth basketball and most importantly for their support of BTBL. Special thanks to all parents for making it possible for their child to play in BTBL.




    Boys and girls will compete in competitive flights from second grade through eight. Each boys division (4th – 8th) has a minimum of 5 flights. For the first time BTBL has a 8th flight in a grade. Each girls division (4th – 8th) has multiple flights with one grades having 4 flights. All divisions (2th – 8th) play a 14 game schedule beginning January 2nd and ending on the second Sunday in March. Playoffs leading to flight Championships take place in 4th – 8th grades. 3000+ games will be played over 100 gyms in the BTBL in 2018. Each flight represents a different competitive level of competition.


    We keep it simple


    The use of Referee Assignors (3) assures a fair and simple environment for teams to compete. Two Referees per game and Assignor fees are included in BTBL’s Registration fee.


    Sportsmanship Award


    BTBL recognizes the importance of Sportsmanship by selecting a female and male recipient to be recognized as the BTBL Sportsmanship of the Week Award honor. Winners have their story and picture posted on the Welcome Page of the BTBL Web site for a week.


    In 2018


    In 2018, BTBL’s 16th year BTBL has grown to over 437 teams. Boys 2nd Grade travel basketball will continue for a 7th consecutive season and will have a record amount of teams. Our Boys 8th grade will have 8 flights and a record number of 65 teams.


    BTBL pre-season exhibition season successfully began in BTBL in the fall of 2011. An inexpensive package of 6 exhibition games is offered from 11/16 – 12/22 as a tune up for the coming season. In 2017 43 teams participated in the preseason games.








































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